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Best Lebanese Restaurants in Houston (USA)

IT SHOULD BE NO SURPRISE that Harris County’s Arab-American populace is double the span of some other Texas district. And keeping in mind that numerous eateries serving sustenance from that piece of the world name themselves as Mediterranean, we searched out our top picks represent considerable authority in the old and current culinary customs of Lebanon.
Abdallah’s Bakery
In excess of a bread kitchen and a few stages up from the normal cafeteria-style joint, this is the home of our most loved meat and chicken shawarmas around the local area. The full-enhanced, fresh edged, custom made meats are presented with a decision of exceptional sides (like okra and eggplant stews) and crisply prepared inflatables of delicate pita. Combine it with some cool mint tea and sweet, chewy cheddar in rosewater syrup.
Arpi’s Phoenicia Deli
In 1983, a couple Zohrab and Arpi Tcholakian started serving shawarma after he lost his business to the Energy Crisis. Presently, very nearly 35 years after the fact, the Lebanese locals of Armenian heritage are still grinding away. Burger joints can attempt their sandwiches and platters at their family’s two thousand, worldwide markets, Phoenicia Specialty Foods. Be that as it may, for dishes like fricasseed refines, tart muhamara plunge and braised sheep shanks supervised by Arpi herself, this is the place.
Barbar Mediterranean Grill
Flame broiled dishes arranged over a charcoal fire are a highlight, however while the sheep kebab and half chicken are justified regardless of an attempt, there are additionally lesser-known Lebanese top picks to find here. The Chicken Francisco, for instance, which started at this current eatery’s motivation, the goliath Barbar situated in Beirut, is a far-fetched mix of barbecued chicken with corn, cheddar, mayonnaise and pickles, best presented with lemonade loaded up with crisp mint clears out.
Cafe Lili
Lili Bejjani’s eatery is the ideal reprieve following multi day spent up the road from the Galleria. Visit on a Saturday, the main day Bejani serves kibbeh nayyeh, a finely slashed steak tartare. Tail it with a kebab plate and a request of tabbouleh serving of mixed greens
Cedars Bakery
There are different spots to get manakish in Houston, yet this is the place, and it’s only dedicated to the Lebanese pizza. On ends of the week, get shawarma in a wrap or on a pie. Whatever is left of the week, garnishes are quite straightforward: halloumi cheddar and sesame seeds, spiced ground meat and cheddar, or spinach. Wash it down with a container of Turkish wild-strawberry-enhanced mineral water.
Mary’z Mediterranean Restaurant
Settle in with a Lebanese lager on the yard, and either take in or attempt to maintain a strategic distance from the hookah smoke. The Mary’z Sampler is the most astute approach to attempt a cross-area of the cakes that are the eatery’s solid suit. The kibbehs everything except liquefy when you nibble in, grape leaves are reasonably tart, and spinach pies are singed for an additional level of flavor.
Petit Café Mediterranean Grill
Lebanon’s chance as a French settlement gives this eatery the two its name and its rich sweets, as crème brûlée. Be that as it may, the most adorable decisions are profoundly Levantine, regardless of whether the hand crafted maqanek hotdog, seasoned with cinnamon and lemon sauce; the ultra-smooth hummus; or the puckery, mint-suffused Lebanese plate of mixed greens—and good for you, the last two accompany all entrées.
Salam Mediterranean Grill and Hookah
The since quite a while ago marinated shawarma here is full into pitas or served in platters matched with garlicky sautéed spinach or gyro meat. We like the meagerly cut, dark red chicken shawarma the most, particularly presented with tart hummus and rice pilaf specked with peas and almonds. There’s not at all like lemon-and-rose-spiked dark tea to get you in the state of mind for a supper.
Sayad Mediterranean Grill
The lemon “mintade” is the best solidified beverage around the local area, and the new prepared, puffy bread with za’atar-enhanced oil could make a supper in itself. Be that as it may, spare space for the sayadieh, a rich dish of fish laid over spiced rice and finished with almonds and roasted onions. For dessert, the mushy konafa naama is served hot from the container and enhanced with rose.
Suzie’s Pastry Shoppe
Lebanon’s frontier past is clear in the contributions here. Bring home European layer cakes, a scope of Mediterranean baklavas, and rich Lebanese pistachio baked goods across the board pack. Or then again settle on one and eat it at a table out front—we have a longstanding dependence on culinary specialist proprietor Suzie Elaridi’s brittle ghraybeh treats.

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